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January 2020
Fussyduck on tour + album recording
This week we redeem with Fussyduck a part of our win of last year's BeJazz Transnational contest: we open the Saturday night of the BeJazz Winter Festival! More gigs in Switzerland and Germany will follow, to be well prepared for the recording of our debut album.

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october 2019
Woodoism on tour
We are currently on tour, presenting our new album!

September 2019
Album Teaser "Refugium"
Adrian Schmidt accompanied us during the recording process of the new album in the Bauer studios and made this beautiful film out of it. Thank you very much!

July 2019
New album, new single, new video
GOOD NEWS! On september 27th Woodoism are going to release our second album "Refugium" on Neuklang Future! Check out this brandnew live-footage of our gig at Moods in Zurich. It's the titletrack of the upcoming album: Refugium.

Mai 2019
Super excited to announce that FUSSYDUCK have been awarded 1st prize at this year's BeJazz Transnational Festival! Looking forward to playing again at BeJazz Bern, next year at the BeJazz Winterfestival!

March 2019
Woodoism is recording again
We just had an amazing recording session at the legendary Bauer Studios in Germany. Stay tuned, release is in september! You can find some visual footage here.

January 2019
Woodoism at Suisse Diagonales Jazz-Festival 2019
Super excited to be part of this year's legendary Suisse Diagonales Jazz-Festival! Check it out here:diagonales.ch

January 2019
New website
We got Woodoism a new digital home, thanks a lot to Nuél Schoch for setting it up! Have a look at woodoism.ch

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October 2018
Woodoism on tour
Woodoism is on the road again! We are playing a bunch of new tunes, so make sure to catch us!

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September 2018
La Môme on Tour
Russia, here we come!!!

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May 2018
Woodoism has been awarded the ZKB jazz prize 2018 ...
...as well as the audience award! Thank you so much for your support! YES <3!!! Make sure to check out our appearances on moods.digital, if you missed it.

March 2018
New project with saxophonist Nicolas Gurtner, inspired by the impressive story of "X-Ray Audio". Further information: x-rayaudio.com

February 2018
Woodoism at ZKB Jazzpreis
Woodoism is part of the ZKB Jazzpreis Festival at Moods in Zurich! We are looking very much forward. Please visit jazzpreis.ch

January 2018
In Paris with FUSSYDUCK
I am very much looking forward to be playing soon at "Le Baiser Salé" with this amazing international sextet.

November 2017
La Môme on tour
This year's release tour continues! We are looking forward to 13 concerts in Germany and Switzerland.

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November 2017 New York, August - November 2017
I was lucky enough to spend 3 months in New York City this year, where I got to practice and listen to great music a lot. This one here was taken at a jam session at "Smalls".

July 2017
Woodoism Tour 2017
New live-video footage of our gigs in may now on youtube available! For example this one here:

May 2017
Woodoism on iTunes, Spotify etc.
Our new record is now also available almost everywhere online! In case you would rather like to feed your CD-player with some fresh music: Contact me!

April 2017
"Jazz am Sunntig" on RaBe
This morning I was invited to the radio studio of RaBe and talked a little about Woodoism and the upcoming release tour. Listen to the podcast here!

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April 2017 Woodoism pre-oders
Pre-orders of our debut album are available until our release concert on May 4, 2017. If you order the album before this date you get free shipping, a tour flyer and a hip, handwritten postcard! Order directly by email.

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April 2017
Woodoism on Tour
In May you finally get the chance to hear us live again! In our luggage we carry our brand new CD!

April 2017
Dance of the Blue Whales
On May 4 Woodoism is presenting their first album at BeJazz Club in Berne. Watch our beautiful teaser by Moritz Praxmarer. Enjoy!
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